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Whether you're looking for a California wine club or an International wine club, we've reviewed them all so you know exactly what you get with each one. From the Virgin Wine Club to the Plonk Wine Club, we've literally reviewed each and every one of them. We make choosing an affordable wine of the month club easy peasy lemon squeezy! And as always, we welcome reviews from our many visitors as well, so please take a moment and tell us how you like the wine club you signed up for. Be sure to tell us if it is indeed the best wine club there is.

And out of all the wine clubs there are online, I think you'll be surprised to learn that there is actually a Metallica Wine Club! And that it's actually pretty good :-) But who am I? you may be wondering and the answer is Sarah Dukes. You can read all about my work in our latest press release. And of course I highly recommend you follow me on Tumblr where I share all the latest and greatest wine club deliveries with you my loyal fans.